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You’ll get a lot of great relationship advice. One of the most helpful pieces of advice is to practice being present. Being present means paying close attention to the moment without thinking about the past or future.

Being present is especially beneficial in relationships because it helps you connect with your partner on a deeper level. You’ll be able to express yourself fully and honestly, rather than hiding behind a facade.

You might think that practicing presence requires a lot of effort, but it doesn’t. All you have to do is focus on the present moment and notice what’s happening right now. You can start by noticing your breathing, noticing your thoughts, noticing your emotions, and noticing your body.

Practicing presence can help you build stronger connections with others and deepen your understanding of yourself.

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Rare Guides believes that love is a skill that everyone must practice. We’ve written a variety of blog posts that can help you learn how to love, communicate, and thrive in relationships.

We started out writing relationship advice articles, but now we’ve expanded our focus to include topics related to dating, communication, and intimacy. Our blog posts cover a wide array of topics, including:

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